I often get asked ‘how many reps should I do?’ or ‘which weights?’, the honest answer is that everyone is different and we all have our own personal limits. There are, however, a number of things that I have found help to show results.

From a personal point of view I have found the most beneficial results to keep size and maintain being lean come from staying away from really heavy weights and focusing on lighter weights but slower reps or ‘Time Under Tension’.

When I say “lighter weights” it’s still as heavy as I can lift for the rep range and time my muscles are under tension for.

For Example:
4×12 reps (slow and controlled with maximum effort needed in the last 4-5 reps).

You should always feel the tension in your last reps. If you don’t, consider increasing the weight you are lifting. Form is also incredibly important, do not compromise your form to lift something heavier. Instead, focus on slow and perfectly executed reps. Over time your limit will increase!

** Everyone has different goals and needs that need tailoring to suit them, for anyone with queries about your specific needs please contact me***

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