FASTER Training

FASTER is a unique thought process, which allows us to identify any movement inefficiencies of an individual, correct the movement pattern and then train the movement in a specific way to benefit the athlete or client for their particular goals.

How can FASTER help?

This method can give immediate and lasting results in performance, movement and can help with injury prevention and rehabilitation. Throughout my training I have helped many athletes and individuals improve in certain areas.

FASTER training is the next generation in the sporting world!


FASTER training has been shown to significantly improve personal development, including:

  • Improved ease of swing and consistency in a golfer’s round
  • Increased Footballers hip and ankle function to reduce ACL strain
  • Boosted a sprinter’s kinetic power in the first phase of the 100m Sprint
  • Helped a Tennis player with his foot speed while also executing an accurate shot

If you want to see the benefits it can have on your performance and training, book now for a free 1-2-1 consultation.

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