About Me

I am an experienced personal trainer and movement specialist who thrives on the success of his client’s progress to become or feel better and content with the way they look and feel. My ultimate goal is to make sure that people embrace that fitness is not a chore or an option but a lifestyle change which you enjoy and get the most out of.

How did I get into training?

In my personal background I suffered from depression, but I found that fitness and high levels of high intensity training gave me a clear mind set and improved outlook. As we know, high intensity training helps to stimulate the production of dopamine, the chemical which makes us feel positive & happy (it’s great for improving your long-term memory too!).

Improving both the body and the mind is something I am very passionate about and I’m currently work with local GPs in a bid to prevent medication been handed so easily without consideration for the side effects these tablets can cause. I’ve been there myself and found the best and most natural solution was high levels of fitness training. I currently work with all different types of people who suffer with mental health issues as I think it’s essential for everyone to be given the opportunity to try a new lifestyle change, something I have seen first-hand that can lead to a better, healthier and happier life.


1-2-1 Training

If I summarised 1-2-1 training in 4 words they would be efficient, effective, fun & beneficial. I firmly believe I will get you the results you desire, as long as you put the same amount of effort in to your selected goals as I put into tailoring your programme and making sure you keep focused on the task ahead.

What separates me from other personal trainers?

I work purely on results, I always aim to over-achieve targets set but at the same time I will be realistic. Whereas the majority of Personal Trainers will charge separately for an in depth diet plan, I understand that this goes hand-in-hand with your training therefore I will give you monthly diet plans based on what we have discussed and your specific lifestyle and needs.

Enjoying your workout essential for making your results realistic, no-one wants the same boring routine week in and week out. I will always keep you on your toes and ensure you enjoy your workout, instead of feeling like it’s a chore. The more you enjoy training, the more it will MOTIVATE you to succeed.


  • Personal specific goals.
  • Weekly diet advice.
  • Monthly reviews on goals set.
  • Guaranteed Results.
  • 24 hour assistance via telephone or email.
  • Diet analysis.
  • Postural analysis.

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Classes are great for a number of reasons, they are aimed at anyone who wants to train in a group setting, learn new training techniques and socialise. Classes are a a cheaper option to Personal Training and highly recommended for anyone just starting their fitness journey.

I get a great buzz out of teaching classes, seeing lots of motivated people socialising, meeting new people then progressing as a team to helping one or other over the finish line. All the classes I teach I aim to offer new exercises and techniques you may not of experienced anywhere else. I teach a number of different classes from Weight Training to Extreme Circuits, enquire today to find out more!


  • Marinating or developing all round fitness.
  • High levels of fat burning.
  • Meeting new people/socialising.
  • Becoming part of a team.
  • Making the classes fun but at the same time relevant to your needs.
  • Advances your own personal knowledge on techniques & exercises.

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